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Nu-Hy Steel Elevator Buckets are designed to give you:

  1. 10-12 % greater capacity than competitors metal bucket.
  2. 15 - 25% greater capacity than the typical plastic bucket. Wide bottom and high positioned front lip together with high sweeping sides raised above the strike line for capacity producing features.
  3. Clean discharge without side spillage. Contoured to bring the load up over the head pulley without premature discharge.
  4. Strong. Sides are welded to the back and front to make them virtually indestructible in service.
  5. Scientifically positioned bolt holes to help eliminate hinging action over head and boot pulley, which prolongs the life of the belt.



High speed centrifugal discharge.
Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
Fabricated (Spot welded).
The Nu-Hy style bucket utilizes a 3-piece pressed formed design consisting of two end plates and a body. Please note that there is no taper on the sides of the bucket with the body welded to the ends.
CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS: Contact our office for recommendations.
18ga., 16ga., 14ga..
No charge for standard belt drillings.
Venting available on request, contact our office for recommendations.
Nu-Hy recommends using 90% of gross, (100%) capacity.


SPACING: Minimum bucket spacing has historically been nominal projection plus 2". Many Nu-Hy buckets, however, are being used at projection plus 1", and some even closer. For engineering purposes we recommend using nominal projection plus 2"
INTERCHANGEABILITY: Can be intermixed with existing fabricated buckets. If different weight buckets are mixed in, some care should be taken that the leg does not become too far out of balance. Check elevator for proper clearances. Contact our office for recommendations.
INSTALLATION: Fanged elevator bolts and nylon insert lock nuts are recommended for pulleys 6" in diameter and over. No. 3 Eclipse slotted head elevator bolts are recommended for pulleys under 6" in diameter. Flat steel washers must be placed inside the bucket under the nuts. Check elevator for proper clearances. Contact our office for recommendations.

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