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In 1962 Don Abraham modeled the first Nu-Hy Bucket after the ”Winona Bucket”. The empirical data recorded and work rendered laid the foundation for his Professional Engineering license. His Nu-Hy Bucket was designed t have 10% to 12% more carrying capacity than the fellow competitors in the style CC buckets. The design was quickly adopted and became a popular commodity.

The Nu-Hy Grain Elevator bucket offers design features that permit continuous spacing and clean discharge with no side spill. It has a wide bottom and high positioned front lip together with high, sweeping sides raised above the strike line for capacity producing features. The scientific shape of the Nu-Hy bucket with proper contour brings the load up over the head pulley without premature discharge.

Nu-Hy Buckets are very strong. The sides are welded to flanges, which are part of the back and front of the bucket, making them virtually indestructible in service. Scientifically positioned bolt holes help to eliminate hinging action over head and boot pulleys, which prolongs the life of the belt. The various bucket sizes accommodate a wide variety of jobs increasing customer satisfaction and demand.



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